About Us

RocketPWR Athletics is about the bonds that are created between people that have nothing more in common than to want more out of life than to just “get through the day”, and knowing that we have the ability to be those people’s best hour of their entire day, every day.

We can’t wait for Monday morning to come.

We can’t wait to go to the gym.

We can’t wait to see what the workout of the day is.

We can’t wait to hear all of the talks about happiness and turning our “have-to’s” into “get-to’s”, our circle of control, and what it really means to “eat clean”.

And, we just really can’t wait to be at a place where you can comfortably train in the same class with teenagers, stay-at-home parents, high level executives, high level athletes, the average joe, adaptive athletes and grandparents.

Our diversity in abilities is what makes the whole thing work so well and what changes lives by changing perspective.

You will get to train with like minded people and be part of a fun and friendly community.

Exercises will be constantly varied, meaning we are keeping things fun and exciting.

You will have full guidance from our Coaches who will encourage, support, and educate you every step of the way. 


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